Agri-Service Moldova  Agri-Business Education

Agriculture in Moldova is basically a family operated venture.   Most of these people had very little experience in caring for their own land because each worker on the collective had a very specialized responsibility.

As we have traveled around the countryside we hear the same refrain over and over. “Send us someone to sit by our side and help us to learn how to do a better job of using our land, and help us to obtain better equipment, better seeds, fertilizer and expertise.”

We have conducted several seminars on general farming, and on raising hogs, cows and chickens and basic veterinary information.  These seminars are conducted by farmers, agronomists and other experienced friends from the United States and Moldova.

Each partner farmer is encouraged to record the story of their business and farming progress.  At seminars  these local persons then show and tell what they have done, in their village or business, using only locally available resources, answer questions and hold discussions with their peers, all at ASM expense.