Agri-Service Moldova Grants Program

Grants are gifts, not to be paid back.  It is not the primary activity of ASM to provide grants, however, certain projects can only be supported by grants.

2005    The major grant activity was purchase of a sprayer for use in the Vadul lui Isac farming area.  This was placed with the manager of a comparative farm plot, to be used for that project and as a custom work activity in the community as needed.

2006    The major activity was the renovation at the Loganesti Greenhouses for an Orphanage Work Project.  This program was initiated several years ago to provide work for orphans who were leaving the orphanages due to age and had few skills and opportunities for employment.

2007    A grant was given to Loganesti to complete the installation of a windmill and repairs were done on equipment at Iabloana.

2008    Seeds were distributed to farmers and gardeners in many locations.  A special gift provided food for farm related persons affected by the drought.  A manure spreader was bought, repaired and placed at Iabloana.